iMRSOMNIUM1  is an independent distributor for Swiss Bionic Solutions Schweiz GmbH makers of the iMRS & Omnium1 Systems. 

We want to go over with you where, you should be buying your the Omnium1. We are imagine you’ve already made the decision that the Omnium1 is the best PEMF device for your needs. We believe you’re looking for the best place to buy this Omnium1.

You should know the Swiss company that manufactures the iMRS systems has a minimum allowed pricing policy. So, everybody has to charge the same price. The only question is who can give you the best training and support? The answer is iMRSOMNIUM1 Team.

***BUYER BEWARE: The Swiss Based Parent Company DOES NOT honor warranty on Used Machines. Warranties are non transferable.

Unparalleled Training and Bonuses from  iMRSOMNIUM1.COM
1)  Early access to exclusive Training Videos and supporting material.
  • eBook PEMF the 5th Element by Bryant Meyers
  • Energy Medicine and Web Series and eBook
  • Exclusive Database of Testimonials and Research Material
  • Longevity, Commitment, and Availability (Active distributorship since early 2000’s.)
  • Continuing Education (Always adding content to educate the consumer)

2)  Live Basic Training  with Customer Service Expert. 
3)  First time user questions, troubleshooting, tips and tricks.
4)  Access to Exclusive Advanced Training & Guidelines Booklet 
5)  Advanced Expert Training, Get help define a schedule and routine. 
6)  Follow ups and Adjustments. 

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