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Top 9 Benefits of the New Omnium 1

1. Great Price - Starts at only $2995

The Omnium 1 Starts at only $2995 and includes a FREE Android Tablet, OmniMat (Full Body Mat), OmniPad (Local Applicator), D/A Converter, and power supply.

(Note: Omnispot, Omnibrain, and accesories are extra)


2. High End Android Tablet Included

You also get a fully functioning Android Tablet for Free with the added benefit of a super long battery life.

3. Very Portable (PEMF to GO!)

New Tablet and Full Body mat are EXTREMELY portable. Full body mat folds 3 times into a small rectangle that can fit easily into a backpack, duffle bag or small luggage. You get the benefits of a full body applicator with extreme portability. Great for travelers, business professors, practitioners, and anyone that is constantly on the go. It fits in the package show in image - full body mat and ALL!


4. High Tech and Upgradeable

Finally, a PEMF device for the 21st Century that is up to speed with tablet technology and a mobile lifestyle. Not only do you get a free Android Tablet that is highly portable, but the tablet comes pre-installed with 5 fast start programs for easy application and automatic and free updates on software and operating systems when available. Also, the Omnium 1 is a platform that will soon include other wellness applications (W@pps), such as blood pressure monitor, blood sugar, heart rate variability, EEG, EKG, and more! The Omnium 1 includes an easy to select 0-60 minute settings so you can use it for extended time without having to restart. It’s very easy to select the exact time you want.

5. Built in Long Life Battery

Omnium 1 is a custom Android tablet with a supercharged battery that will deliver 5 hours of continuous use on the Highest Settings (120 uT on Omnispot). PEMF therapy is no longer limited by needing an electrical outlet! The Omnium 1 is PEMF to GO ... Anywhere!


6. Applicators w/ “Wrap Around” Velcro Straps

The Omnium 1 applicators (Omnipad and Omnispot) include Velcro straps that secure the applicators “hands free” around any area on your body. And because the Omnium 1 is tablet based and battery powered, you can easier get up and move around with the applicators securely fitted on you.

7. Helholtz Coils on Omnispot

Helmholz coils on omnispot for a uniform magnetic field. Helmholtz coils are a pair of circular coils connected in series that creates a uniform magnetic field between the coils so there is NO LOSS in intensity through both sides. And the Omnispot goes up to 120 uT which is a UNIFORM intensity with no loss in power. Includes the NASA square wave for powerful pain relief, healing and Regeneration.


8. Stand Alone Omnibrain System

The OmniBrain application can be purchased separately or with the Omnium 1 system. The Omnibrain is advanced Light and Sound relaxation with the ability to create ANY colors for advanced color therapy applications in addition to the standard light and sound relaxation benefits. And like the iSLRS on the iMRS, it is sychronized with the frequencies in the mat, making them the only light and sound + PEMF therapy systems on the market today.

9. Still Uses Research Proven Earth-Based Frequencies and Intensities

The new Omnium 1 still has all the same research proven earth based frequencies, intensities, ideal waveforms and Biorhythm Clock just like the iMRS 2000. And even though it’s portable, it still uses pure copper coils, again just like the iMRS 2000. It’s a thinner mat and folds one extra time making it half the size of the iMRS 2000.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product. This information is not intended as medical advice and may not be used as medical advice. It should not be used to replace the advice of your own doctor.

Omnium 1

The Future of PEMF is here! The Omnium 1 is an Affordable, Portable, High Tech, and Android Tablet Based PEMF Device.

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