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Travel Bag

Durable, portable and Lightweight Travel Bag fits the entire iMRS Omnium 1 System and accesories too.

Omnium 1 Travel Bag


The D/A Converts digitial output of the tablet into an analog pulsed electromagnetic fields with the to the full body mat and applicators.

Omnium 1 D/A-Konverter

Back Pack

This innovative backpack has a pull down pouch that allows the entire Omnium 1 system to fit inside. The entire Omnium 1 system inside the backpack is extremely lightweight and portable.

Omnium 1 Back Pack

PU-Case purple

Protect your Omnium 1 tablet with this attractive Purple case cover.

Omnium 1 PU-Case purple

Case black/purple –
Genuine Leather

This Beautiful and elegant full leather case cover attractively protects your Omnium 1 tablet.

Omnium 1 Case black/purple –  Genuine Leather


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Omnium 1

The Future of PEMF is here! The Omnium 1 is an Affordable, Portable, High Tech, and Android Tablet Based PEMF Device.

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